Mr. Jeff Bissen
Jeff Bissen Activities Director
Instructional Coach
Building Secretaries
Mrs. Lisa Wheat
Lisa Wheat Attendance Secretary
Mrs. Charissa Wilkes
Charissa Wilkes Activities Secretary
Mrs. Jody Parks
Jody Parks School Administrative Manager
Mrs. Sharon Rodenburg
Sharon Rodenburg School Counseling Secretary
School Nurse
World Language
Career and Technical Education
Mrs. Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller Agricultural Science Teacher/FFA Advisor
 Kelly Schubauer
Kelly Schubauer Industrial Technology and Project Lead the Way
 Julie Mount
Julie Mount Business and Career Transition Teacher
 Emilee Bilharz
Emilee Bilharz Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
 Shawn Shea
Shawn Shea iJAG Education Specialist
Computer Science
School Counseling and SEL
Mrs. Kathleen Loeffelbein
Kathleen Loeffelbein Counselor: Grades 9 & 10
Mrs. Paulina Rodenburg
Paulina Rodenburg Counselor: Grades 11 & 12
 Macy Burgess
Macy Burgess Social Emotional Liaison
Talented and Gifted
At Risk
 Timothy James
Timothy James Learning Recovery/ISS Coordinator
English Language Learners
Media Center