Reports and Newsletters

2021-2022 District Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide basic information from the Glenwood Community School District that will keep all citizens informed on important school procedures, issues, and facts for the 2021-2022 School Year.

2022-2023 District Newsletter

Please find the 2022-2023 District Newsletter available for download.

District Developed Service Delivery Plan (DDSDP)

The District Developed Service Delivery Plan (DDSDP) is a document that describes the continuum of special education services available in our district for students with IEPs (Individual Education Plans). This document is reviewed, revised, and resubmitted every five years.  Before it can be presented to the Board of Education for approval, it must be shared publicly and open for public comment.  Once feedback is received, and final changes are made, it will be presented to the school board for their approval and submitted to the Iowa Department of Education via Green Hills Area Education Agency.  Please take some time to view the plan and share your comments.