Returning Student Registration

Glenwood Community School District uses PowerSchool for registration purposes.  This requires that at least one parent has a Parent PowerSchool Account.  If you have multiple students, all students can be tied to the same Parent Account--one parent login can cover all students.  Registration is an extensive process, thus it is recommended that it be completed on a computer versus a cell phone.

Important Tips for Filling out the registration forms!

There is a lot of work going into ensuring the accuracy of our data, but in some instances we need your help to verify.  So, while a lot of data will prepopulate in these registration forms, it is really important that you review it and help us make sure it is accurate.  Here are some tips that will help:

  • Make sure all phone numbers, email addresses, and physical/mailing addresses are correct
  • Make sure spellings of names are accurate
  • You will read more about Emergency Contacts below, but please try and provide three non-parent/guardians
  • When listing an Emergency Contact, we really only need names, relationship to the student and phone numbers
  • When listing details for parents/guardians, we need as much information as you can provide.  
  • When students have parents/guardians in two separate households, it is really important that you provide the phone numbers, emails, and addresses of both.
  • Below is a picture of the contact card from where this info is pulled:

Screenshot of required registration items

Remember, all of the above information is also tied to our new communication system.  Those who need district communication must have the green check mark next to "Lives with Student," "Custody," or both.  Also, if you don't provide an accurate mobile number or email address you will not get communications from the system.

We greatly appreciate your attention to detail this year, which in turn will help ensure accurate data in the future.  Thanks again for you participation in this year's registration effort.  

Step 1

Parent PowerSchool Account


Step 2

During the Registration period, you will need to access and fill out all forms found in your Parent PowerSchool Account.

  • Again, it is recommended that you complete registration on a computer versus a cell phone.  If you need access to technology or need assistance in completing registration, we would be happy to schedule a meeting with you.  Please contact:
  • Log in to your Parent Account
  • On the left side menu, there is a link for "Forms"
  • A picture of where this link is on the menu can be found by clicking the button below
Step 3

Certain Forms will require Approval by the district.  If all necessary information is included, the forms will get approved.  If necessary information is not included, the form will be rejected and sent back to you with instructions for revision.  The most common items that cause a form to be rejected are below:

  • Contact Information: for each parent/guardian, we need an accurate phone number-including mobile if possible, email address, physical address--especially in situations where there are multiple residences.  You must revise and edit the contact cards on the "Parent/Guardian Contacts" Form to be accurate and up to date.
  • Emergency Contacts: If you are a parent or guardian, you are NOT an emergency contact.  The district will always try to contact parents/guardians first.  Emergency contacts are people the district would contact only if a parent/guardian is not available.  Therefore, when we ask for all parents/guardians and at least 3 Emergency Contacts, we need contacts beyond just parent/guardians.
  • We need information to be legally accurate: for example student names need to be legal names, not nicknames.  Guardian relationships need to be legally accurate, for example if a person is a step-parent they should be listed as such and not listed as Mother or Father.
Registration Completion

Registration is no longer a single event.

  • Forms with an open circle and "Not Started" status need completed
  • Forms with a Pending (blue checkmark) status are still under review by district staff and require no further action from you
  • Forms which are Rejected (red "X") NEED further action from you to correct the data
  • Forms which are Submitted or Approved (green) are complete

You may have to log in multiple times to ensure that all forms reach this final status.  You know you are done, when all forms are "green"


Are you trying enroll a new student?

New students, who have not been enrolled in Glenwood before, need to start by contacting the building in which the student will attend.  This would apply to:

  • students who are brand new to Glenwood
  • students who previously attended in Glenwood, left, and are now seeking to return.
  • students are new but who have older siblings enrolled in a GCSD building

More Info