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September 14, 2023  September 26, 2023  October 10, 2023  October, 26, 2023  November 2, 2023

All Meetings will be held in the Northeast Elementary Multipurpose Room at 6PM

October 12th meeting was moved to October 10 due to an already scheduled community event.


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On August 14, 2023, the Glenwood Community School District Board of Education voted to request a referendum on the issuance of $39.9 million in general obligations school bonds. 

Glenwood strives to provide the best educational experience for students. We are committed to working with our community to help Inspire Excellence in every child that walks through our doors. This webpage will provide further details into how we would utilize the requested funds to accomplish those goals. We strongly encourage participation in the public forums that will take place leading up to Election Day on November 7, 2023. Those dates will be posted here and on our social media channels as they are scheduled.

Northeast Overview

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A message from Superintendent Embray

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Our Goals for the Bond Program

  • Improving Safety and Security

  • Educational / Curriculum Program Growth

  • Updating Older Facilities to Address Changing Educational Standards and Energy Conservation Goals

  • Seeking Guidance from the Community

  • Kids Place on Northeast Property for Convenience and Access to Families

District leadership has been working with staff, teachers and the design and construction team to develop design concepts for school facilities to help achieve the bond program goals. These improvements include:

Northeast Elementary Remodel

Comprehensive remodeling of Northeast Elementary School, including the construction of a building addition with a new Kids Place daycare facility, a multipurpose gym, administrative offices, and a secure entry

Infrastructure Updates

Geothermal heating and cooling, and site improvements at Northeast Elementary including grading, parking lot, traffic lanes and landscaping

Classroom Innovation

Inventionland classroom renovations at Northeast and West Elementary Schools

Middle School Infrastructure

HVAC and lighting renovations at Glenwood Middle School

Why Now?

The renovation of Northeast Elementary School prioritizes student well-being and development through facility enhancements. It will focus on improving safety and security while making traffic patterns more efficient and safer during arrival and dismissal. Updating the outdated facility is important to promote energy efficiency goals and create an innovative learning space for the future. Establishing Kids Place on the Northeast property will provide a convenient and accessible location for families, fostering a stronger connection between home and school. Through this bond issue, we strive to create an environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential. Glenwood Middle School is operating on its original 1964 boiler system which is 50% efficient. By installing an updated HVAC system, this will increase to 98% efficiency, reducing the general fund costs of heating the building. Included in this project all interior lighting will be converted to LED, saving substantially in lighting costs. All lighting currently is florescent from 2003, with the exception of the gym, which is LED.

What Will it Cost?

  • Northeast construction and FFE (furnishings, fixtures and equipment) - $30M
  • Inventionland maker spaces and classroom renovations at Northeast and West Elementary Schools - $1.1M
  • HVAC and lighting renovations at Glenwood Middle School - $5M
  • Other costs: design and construction services, FFE, geotechnical testing and contingency - $3.8M

Tax Impact?

  • $39.9M fits within the District's levy and debt limit
  • Estimated Levy increase of 15 cents or less

Download the Tax Impact Calculator or     

  • Download the Google Sheets app for Android phones or iPhones to determine the tax impact this project will have on you.
  • Open the Google Play Store or the iPhone App Store on your device and search for Google Sheets
  • Tap Install to instantly download and install the Google Sheets app for your phone
  • Once downloaded, scan this QR code to access the Tax Impact Calculator
  • Enter your property value – residential, commercial and industrial, or agricultural – review your taxes for the project