Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

West Elementary is a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school.  PBIS is a process for creating school environments that are more predictable and effective for achieving academic and social goals which should change our school culture for the better.

For more information, visit https://www.pbis.org/school

Below are the PBIS Pillars and Expectations for West Elementary

  • In the lunchroom, use table manner, we talk quietly, listen, and follow directions
  • In the hallway, we use zero-one voice and quiet feet
  • In the classroom, we follow directions and use manners
  • In the restroom, we wait outside if the restroom is full and clean up after ourselves
  • At recess, we enter/exit the building quietly, honor organized games, and listen to the ideas of others
  • In the lunchroom, we wait patiently, eat what we take, and clean up after ourselves
  • In the hallway, we keep the hallway clean
  • In the classroom, we follow rules and routines with our best effort, let others learn, be prepared and organized
  • In the restroom, we use a zero-one voice, go, flush, wash, dry and leave, and use 1-2 paper towels
  • At recess, we follow directions the first time given, line up carefully and right away, report issues to the supervisors when they occur
  • In the lunchroom, we keep hands, feet, and germs to ourselves, face the table, we always walk
  • In the hallway, we keep our hands and feet to ourselves, walk and face forward, stay to the right, and carry materials and tools appropriately
  • In the classroom, we keep our hands and feet to ourselves, always walk, and use materials and tools safely
  • In the restroom, we always walk and tell an adult if the floor is wet
  • At recess, we keep our hands and feet to ourselves and are mindful of what is going on around us
  • In the lunchroom, we use "please" and "thank you" often
  • In the hallway, we greet others with a smile or wave
  • In the classroom, we include others, give compliments, and help others
  • In the restroom, we use kind words for permission: "excuse me, thank you, and please"
  • At recess, we include others and accept apologies kindly