Day Care Policies

To be eligible for transportation to a daycare provider, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The daycare location must be entitled to school transportation (State Code 285.1a), meaning the residence is more than 2 miles away from the elementary school or middle school.
  2. Requests to transport to and/or from daycare must be approved by the Transportation Department.
  3. Transporting to daycare providers is contingent upon available seating on the school bus.
  4. Changing daycare providers shall be submitted for approval not more than twice during a school year (State Code 285.1.22).
  5. Parents must provide the Transportation Department with a current and specific riding schedule for each daycare bus rider.
  6. All arrangements must be made specific to the current school year. The previous year's arrangements will not automatically be carried over.
  7. Guidelines to be reviewed and revised annually, as needed.