Friday, May 20, 2022

Student Bulletin - May 20, 2022

Friday, May 20, 2022

Now would be a good time to check your email to see if you have been assigned or invited to a RamsTime activity. If you have choice, please check the RamsTime Activity List to see the options available for today.


The following students need to stop by the office:

Kainnan Coover

Marcus Duran 

Jack  Johnson 

Brayden Jones

Aiden Lopez

Joshua Taylor 

Nile Lundvall 

Brant Mower

Ben Schoening 

Quinn Fustos

Cameron Martens


Glenwood Public Library Summer Reading Program - Click on attached file to get more details.  

Teen Promo.pdf 


Come Play Soccer this Fall!

Glenwood Soccer Club will hold Registration starting June 4 to June 19. 

Go to for the Online Registration Link and for 

more info about Fall 22 Travel Season. 


The Glenwood Aquatic Center will have membership/pool passes available for purchase at City Hall.  They will not be sold at the pool this year.  

Any questions, please call City Hall at 712-527-4717.  

M-F - 7:30 - 4:30 by appointment.


Summer Athletic Enhancement

The complete schedule for anyone planning to compete in 9th grade football is attached here


An electronic device has been turned into the office.  Please stop by if you are missing yours to identify and claim.  





2022 Color Guard Auditions!


Morning Practices

May 23rd – 28th 7:00 – 7:45 a.m.



Saturday, May 28th  8:00a.m.



High School Auxiliary Gym


Any (You do not have to play an instrument) Students Interested in participating in the 2022 Glenwood Color Guard need to report to the High School Auxiliary Gym Monday, May 23rd-28th  at 7:00am! A sign-up will be posted in the MS and HS offices to help estimate the amount of equipment we will need for the auditions.  We will be working with flags all week so please wear athletic shoes and clothing that won’t restrict your body movement.  See you on the 23rd! 


See all the offerings in the Summer Camp Brochure 2022.pdf 

40.00 unlimited summer pass.  Click on the link for more information.  




Boys Basketball Camp form -



When you are going from class to class your chromebook needs to be inside the chromebook bag. 


Students that walk from the High School in the morning, please remember to follow the sidewalk and use the crosswalk at the baseball entrance.  


A jump drive was turned into the office.   If you are missing one, please stop by the office to identify and claim.  


The following four had their artwork selected by a panel of judges to be part of the 200 pieces selected from hundreds submitted across the state:

Grace Berglund, Belle Glover, Caitlin Hebel, Scarlett Howard.


Scarlett Howard's "Lady of the Leaf" zentangle was chosen for the Governor's Show, which is a big honor, 1 of 21 artworks selected to be displayed in the Governor's Office. Scarlett will have a reception with the Governor and a tour of the Capitol Building in Des Moines next week!



 If you are missing any clothing items please be sure to check out the lost and found. 


Reminder for all students - On early days,   students are not to be on any school grounds after dismissal.  




When (and if) you check out 6 loaner chromebooks for this semester you will be required to make a call home to self-report that you are having difficulties remembering to charge your chromebook.  Students who have checked out more than 6 already will be required to call home as well.  


Reminder to all students:  When you enter the building in the AM, please remember that you are to report to the gym - you are not allowed to stop at your locker for any reason.  If you have any questions, speak with Mrs. Stanley or stop in the office.  



If you would like to meet with Mrs. Pontefract or Mrs. Tadin, please use the link below to request an appointment.  Once the request is made we will reach out to you within the next two school days to schedule a time to meet.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact Mrs. Pontefract or Mrs. Tadin directly through email, stop by the middle school office or make a request through your teacher.  Please be aware that sometimes our schedules change and we have to rearrange the times that we meet with students.  If you have any questions, please let Mrs. Pontefract or Mrs. Tadin know.  


Schedule Support Appointment


Student Chromebook Important Notes: 

  • The Chromebook you have been issued is GCSD property. Students are responsible for any damages or missing items including the Chromebook itself, charger, tag, shell/cover & stickers. Damages must be paid for before the Chromebook is reissued to you. 
  • Do not remove keys from your keyboard. This will result in a $65 charge.  
  • Do not pick up your Chromebook by the screen. This may damage or break the screen. The charge for a replacement screen is $55. Always pick up your Chromebook with both hands from the bottom.  
  • Your Chromebook bag should only hold your Chromebook and your Chromebook charger. Over stuffing your bag may result in ruining the zipper, etc. which is considered damage. A replacement bag is $15. 
  • Keep track of your charger. Becare not to twist your cord or pick up the chromebook by the cord. This could damage the Chromebook or the charger. The cost for a replacement charger is $29.
  • Do not remove any GCSD stickers from your Chromebook, including the name on your charger. There is a $2 charge for each sticker that is removed. 
  • Do not remove the shell/cover on your Chromebook. This is to stay on at all times. The replacement cost for a shell is $15. 
  • If something is wrong with your Chromebook, please inform your teacher and take it to the main school office to Mrs. Hanson or Mrs. Miller. 
  • Always keep drinks, food and dirt away from your Chromebook.