Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Student Bulletin - March 25, 2022

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


March 30, 2022 - 2 Hour Early Out - Professional Development. 

April 6, 2022 - 2 Hour Early Out - Professional Development. 

American Heart Association Theme Week  March 28 - April 1, 2002


Congratulations to the following students had artwork that were entered into the Youth Art Month show:

6th Grade: Aurora West

7th Grade: Grace Berglund, Belle Glover, Katelyn Harms, Aracely Rangel Gonzales, Kayla Christian, Bella Joslin, Kurt Lundvall

8th Grade: Caitlin Hebel, Scarlett Howard, Abby BeVirt


The following four had their artwork selected by a panel of judges to be part of the 200 pieces selected from hundreds submitted across the state:

Grace Berglund, Belle Glover, Caitlin Hebel, Scarlett Howard.


Scarlett Howard's "Lady of the Leaf" zentangle was chosen for the Governor's Show, which is a big honor, 1 of 21 artworks selected to be displayed in the Governor's Office. Scarlett will have a reception with the Governor and a tour of the Capitol Building in Des Moines next week!


Congrats again to these GMS artists!!


No film club next Tuesday (3/29).  Our 6th grade SAT is moving to that date. 


Boys & Girls Track Announcement:   Track athletes.  You are not to wear your Track Sweats (top or bottoms) during the school day.  They are issued for track purposes only and meant to be worn at track practices and track meets.   Repeat.....  Do not wear your Track Sweats anywhere other than TRACK PRACTICES or TRACK MEETS.


There will be a Builder's Club and Student Council Meeting today in the Gym during Rams Time.  Check in with your Rams Time teacher first and then report to the gym.  If you have to meet a teacher during that time, you must go to the teacher.


Campus Life Open Gym

Wednesday March 30th



Looking for something do do during Early Out? Come hang out with us at Campus Life's Open Gym! We will have dodgeball, basketball, and some space to just hang out!

The Builder's Club and Student Council will be hosting the Middle School March Madness on Friday April 1st starting at 6:30pm with a dance following the activity.   The event will entail a basketball game featuring the MS Teachers/Faculty vs. the 8th Grade basketball teams.   There will be intermission activities for all students and a Halftime show.  All proceeds will go to the American Heart Association.  Next week we will have themed days to celebrate the event,  so pay close attention to the announcements for further details pertaining to the event.

  • We are still in need of more 8th Grade Girls BB players and Teachers & Faculty Members.  The more the merrier!!

Pay close attention to the announcements for further information!


MS Girls Track - please meet your coaches at the Middle School at 3:45 today.


A key was found on the floor of the band room.  Please come to the office to describe and claim.


Please be sure to check out the lost and found for any missing items.  


Some money has been turned into the office.  If you are missing money please stop by the office.