Tuesday, August 24, 2021

October 29. 2021 - Student Bulletin

Tuesday, August 24, 2021


November 3, 2021 - 2 Hour Early Out - Professional Development.  

November 5, 2021 - Picture Retake Day.  Those that were absent, you are already on the list.  For those that want a do - over please stop by the office to sign up on the list.  

November 9, 2021 - Middle School Play - School House Rocks Live! Jr.

7:00 PM - High School Auditorium.


1st Student Sunshine Meeting will be during lunch today.


The Builders Club will be recognizing Red Ribbon Week-  this Thursday and Friday.   If any student would like to place a Red Ribbon on their locker, find a Builders Club member Friday morning to have one placed on your locker.  


Middle School Early Morning weights will start next Wednesday (November 3rd) starting at 6:45am to 7:30.   Students need to have permission slips signed by parents before they can attend.  Doors will open at 6:30am and will start promptly at 6:45am.  Students will have to dress according (PE type clothes) in order to participate in the program.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Starner for more information.


November lunch menus now available in the office.


A jewelry item has been turned into the office, if you are missing yours, please stop by the office to identify and claim.  


Starting today, October 27, 2021 7th exploratory classes will rotate:  Check powerschool for your rotation.  

For most, if you had:

Music appreciation to art

Art goes to FCS

FCS to App Creator 

App Creator to Music

All Middle School Fall Sports Participants have been emailed a Postseason Student Survey to fill out.  Please fill out and submit your survey as soon as possible.  Your opinion of your experience is greatly appreciated.


Ramily Matters

BINGO for Books

November 16, 2021  at West Elementary

Please join us at 5:30 pm on November 16th for BINGO for Books! We will be having hot dogs and chips for dinner while we play BINGO. BINGO winners will receive a book! 

If you and your family wish to participate in BINGO for Books please RSVP to the email (foutchj@glenwoodschools.org) with the number of people that will be in attendance. Please RSVP by Monday November 15th.  Hope to see you all soon! 

*Please follow Ramily Matters on Facebook*

Film Club will continue to meet Tuesday mornings at 7:30 in Mrs. Patzer's unless otherwise noted.  


A wallet was turned in from the football game Friday night.  

If you are missing yours please stop by to identify and claim.  

If you would like to meet with Mrs. Pontefract or Mrs. Tadin, please use the link below to request an appointment.  Once the request is made we will reach out to you within the next two school days to schedule a time to meet.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact Mrs. Pontefract or Mrs. Tadin directly through email, stop by the middle school office or make a request through your teacher.  Please be aware that sometimes our schedules change and we have to rearrange the times that we meet with students.  If you have any questions, please let Mrs. Pontefract or Mrs. Tadin know.  


Schedule Support Appointment

Students, please do not throw away your August/September Star sheet.  You can turn them in at the Ramsway store once you've used all the Stars or you can give them to a teacher and the teacher can put them in Ms. Tadin's mailbox. You do NOT need to transfer Stars from your August/September sheet to the October sheet - just bring down both sheets to the RamsWay store.


An electronic device has been found and turned into the office.  If you are missing one please stop by the office to identify and claim.  



The MS Drama production Nov. 9, 2021: School House Rocks Live! Jr.


Student Chromebook Important Notes: 

  • The Chromebook you have been issued is GCSD property. Students are responsible for any damages or missing items including the Chromebook itself, charger, tag, shell/cover & stickers. Damages must be paid for before the Chromebook is reissued to you. 
  • Do not remove keys from your keyboard. This will result in a $65 charge.  
  • Do not pick up your Chromebook by the screen. This may damage or break the screen. The charge for a replacement screen is $55. Always pick up your Chromebook with both hands from the bottom.  
  • Your Chromebook bag should only hold your Chromebook and your Chromebook charger. Over stuffing your bag may result in ruining the zipper, etc. which is considered damage. A replacement bag is $15. 
  • Keep track of your charger. Becare not to twist your cord or pick up the chromebook by the cord. This could damage the Chromebook or the charger. The cost for a replacement charger is $29.
  • Do not remove any GCSD stickers from your Chromebook, including the name on your charger. There is a $2 charge for each sticker that is removed. 
  • Do not remove the shell/cover on your Chromebook. This is to stay on at all times. The replacement cost for a shell is $15. 
  • If something is wrong with your Chromebook, please inform your teacher and take it to the main school office to Mrs. Hanson or Mrs. Miller. 
  • Always keep drinks, food and dirt away from your Chromebook.