District Adminstrators
Dr. Devin Embray
Devin Embray Superintendent
 Chad Lang
Chad Lang Director of School Improvement and Human Resources
Mrs. Cindy Menendez
Cindy Menendez Director of Student Services
Mr. Frank Bachman Photo Not Available
Frank Bachman Director of Transportation
Mr. Terry Marlow Photo Not Available
Terry Marlow Director of Food Service
 Tim Reinert
Tim Reinert Director of School Finance
Mr. Jedd Taylor
Jedd Taylor Director of Technology
 Jennifer Teegarden
Jennifer Teegarden Director of Print Shop
 Deborah Schoening
Deborah Schoening Administrative Assistant, Superintendent
Mrs. Mary Beth Day Photo Not Available
Mary Beth Day Administrative Assistant, Student Services
Mrs. Jessica Rohde
Jessica Rohde Administrative Assistant, Technology
Mrs. Carla Wiese Photo Not Available
Carla Wiese Administrative Assistant, Transportation
Ms. Krista Ellis Photo Not Available
Krista Ellis Administrative Assistant, Transportation
 Nicole Carnazzo
Nicole Carnazzo Administrative Assistant, Human Resources
 Ashlyn Hardin
Ashlyn Hardin Administrative Assistant - Curriculum