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If this is an emergency, please call 911! The Glenwood Community School District (GCSD) Tip Line will be checked Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

In an effort to provide another level of safety to our school community, Glenwood Community School District (GCSD) has made available a district-wide Tip Line. If you suspect or become aware of anyone planning to act or acting in any unsafe manner, please let us know. This includes, but is not limited to, the use or possession of weapons or illegal drugs or bullying, harassing, assaulting or injuring themselves or others or threatening to assault or injure themselves or others.

Please utilize the GCSD Tip Line for school related situations. If this is an emergency, call 911. Tip line reports are taken very seriously. Individuals submitting false reports may be subject to consequences pursuant to District policy and/or the law.

Please remember that the Tip Line does not replace the importance of utilizing 911 nor does it replace healthy and open communications that parents and students should have in general and specifically in regard to reporting concerns to teachers, principals, and other school staff or parents.  

In order to be able to address concerns effectively, it is recommended that calls and/or online reports include as much detailed information as possible, including the names of the school(s) and/or person(s) involved, the type of activities alleged, when they occurred or may occur, the individual reporter’s contact information, and any other relevant information.  Although reports may be made without leaving a name or other identifying information, this may impact GCSD’s ability to effectively address the concerns reported.

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