FootballGlenwood Community School District is dedicated to its tradition of excellence in all school programs. This tradition of excellence is the basis for our athletic philosophy. Development of the strong student athlete is in keeping with our dedication to enhancing mind, body and spirit of our students. A successful athletic program is essential to the life of the school in the building of community and school spirit among the students, alumni, and the wider community.

Competition and the pursuit of excellence influence our athletic program. Glenwood provides a well-rounded program of interscholastic athletics affording opportunity for all of its students. Opportunities for participation in our athletic program vary according to the sport and level of competition. At the lower levels, emphasis is on skills development and participation. At the varsity level, performance and team success become more primary objectives.

Students benefit from the development of physical fitness, leadership, teamwork, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, respect, and integrity. Glenwood's athletic program will provide competitive opportunities for the development of the student's athletic capabilities while promoting these ideals of athletic excellence.